Dear Sir,
I am Vice Chairman of Churchtown Flood Defence Group and we have applied for funding to organise a Conference for Flooding victims/ those threatened with flooding in the area. I myself am a victim of Flooding and the Conference will have speakers that will talk about issues that interest those affected. Funding is in place and most speakers are now in place.
It will be held at Myerscough College and start at 10.00. lunch will be included and will be free to those specified. Members of the EA,  UU and Wyre will have to pay.
It will be on Saturday 28th of January.
It will give those who are in this terrible position the opportunity to get together and also educate and inspire them to keep going. It will make them aware of what is going on in the area and the wider community.
Places are limited, so they can be reserved by registering by email to it will be entrance by ticket only. Email.  [email protected], and as I said priority will be given to flood victims/ those threatened.
If you could ask if the date could be saved and then if they register an agenda will follow.
One of the speakers will be Professor Onno Bokhove from Leeds University who will speak about Flood risk management  in the age of extremes. He will demonstrate alternative ways of slowing the flow and managing water.
Siriol Hogg Vice Chairman of Churchtown Flood Defence Group.

10:04, 22 Sep 2016 by Deleted User